Hyper Galactica

Galactic fights in the borders of the Universe
the video game Hyper Galactica in french
Hyper Galactica, the video game
Game for Android (smartphone, tablet) and Windows (PC)
asteroids and fragmentation missiles Hyper Galactica is a skill game which plunges you into the hostile world of Galaxies . It consists in destroying the maximum of enemy spaceships and aliens in a minimum of time, while avoiding the enemy missiles and the dangers of Space (planets, black holes, asteroids, white stars, electromagnetic fields, ...).

Rain of asteroids and fragmentation missiles on stealth ships
This video game works on:
Android (touchscreen phones and tablets ). Your device can be used vertically or tilted.
Windows(PC). You can play with your joystick (XBOX,...) or your keyboard (Azerty / Qwerty).

Principle of the game
Push away the attacks of enemy spaceships in twelve different galaxies.
Hyper Galactica can be played at any age, alone, with friends or with your family.

Levels of the game
The twelve phases of Hyper Galactica (a galaxy by phase) are divided into these following levels:
easy levels to become familiar with the game: how to move and turn your flying saucer, how to protect yourself against your ennemies,
intermediate levels to discover all the galactic objects and to thwart their traps,
confirmed levels to face multiple dangers of galaxies.

The pitfalls
In addition to enemies with their missiles, white stars, black holes, asteroids, magnetic fields, pinballs (or flip-flop) and planets, beware also of stealth spaceships.

stealth spaceships and missile shots Main features of the game
After choosing your hero, you can start. The enemy spaceships swooped on yours: it's up to you to destroy them with your missiles before they destroy you.
You can activate your
protective shields for avoiding alien missiles .
Having a limited number of missiles and shields, consider reloading them, by simple contact at the orange and blue stars, respectively.

Rebound of an asteroid on a galactic pinball
Each of your destroyed ships is automatically replaced by a new one, within the limit of the number of spaceships available in your fleet. And the size of your fleet increases with the level of play, but that of the enemy too.

The more ships and aliens ejected from their ships in Space you destroy, the higher your scores increase.

Bonus and fragmentation missiles

When you have had only a few ships destroyed during a fight, you gain access to the bonus and gain more points. Their access allows you to get an extra spaceship and your missiles become fragmentation missiles, further increasing your firepower.

planets, black holes, pinballs and ennemy spaceships Summary
Located at the right top of the screen, a summary provides you,
in real time, the amount of lives left (friends, enemies), that of your shields and missiles and that of your current score.

Stealthy enemy ships in a mysterious galaxy

And, now, it's your turn!

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